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'Faces of Bernardsville' coming this spring: Art project to highlight locals residents


...“It’s the idea of bringing art into the community and giving artists a showcase they might not normally have,’’ she said.

The cultural arts committee is also currently developing a “Welcome to Bernardsville’’ promotional video, Canose said, to “give an overview of why this is such a great place to live and work in.’’

Committee member Jeff Roos, a professional videographer who did a video of the borough’s Mount Airy Road mural project last year, is spearheading the effort, she said.

“If you saw the video on the mural, it was phenomenal,’’ she said. “Originally we were looking to make a video of specific businesses but then we really thought we wanted a video that’s timeless, focusing on some of the history and the beauty of our town.’’

She said it could be posted on the borough website and beyond.

“2024 will be our 100th anniversary,’’ she noted. “Maybe it could be a part of that too, use it for the 100th celebration.’’

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