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About Us

One Community for All

From the beginning, the Bernardsville Democrats have taken pride as a political and community organization in the heritage of the Democratic Party as a party of responsible leadership, inclusivity, and fair & equal access to education and economic opportunities.

Our members are active in all facets of the community, including the Borough Council, Municipal Committees, and School Board.

We are the Bernardsville Democrats! ​Legislative District 25, Congressional District 7 of the great state of New Jersey.


Democrats in Office

Councilwoman Christine Zamarra


How Does Our Borogh Government Work?

Vote for 2 Council members

Bernardsville is governed under the Borough* form of New Jersey municipal government. The governing body consists of a Mayor and a Borough Council comprising six council members.

A Mayor is elected to a four-year term of office. The Borough Council consists of six members elected to serve three-year terms on a staggered basis, with two seats coming up for election each year in a three-year cycle.

The Borough form of government is a "weak mayor / strong council" model in which council members act as the legislative body with the mayor presiding at meetings and voting only in the event of a tie. The mayor can veto ordinances subject to an override by a two-thirds majority vote of the council. The mayor makes committee and liaison assignments for council members, and most appointments are made by the mayor with the advice and consent of the council.

This is an unpaid position.


Interested in Public Service?

For information on running for office:

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