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The 2023 Platform

Image by Lindsay  Henwood
Image by Daniel McCullough
Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Push for Progress Regarding Residents Quality of Life by Working with the Downtown Redevelopment

  • Make the downtown more vibrant and walkable

  • Support current businesses and attract new businesses to downtown

  • Preserve downtown's historic character

  • Keep the community’s concerns top of mind throughout the redevelopment process

  • Create an environment where shopping local is everyone’s first choice

Effectively Execute Redevelopment and Recreation Plans as Investments to our Borough

  • Help keep property tax rate low

  • Continue to improve home values

  • Ensure the recreational plan is executed to enrich all residents from toddler to senior

  • Leverage our strategic, project, and process management expertise to save time and money

Keep the needs of our police, fire, and first responder departments at the forefront

  • Proactively collaborate in disaster/crisis readiness with new challenges (i.e. increasingly severe weather events)

  • Maintaining good communication lines with utility companies

  • Understand CERT (community emergency response team) needs

  • Encourage continued volunteerism

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