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Taking Notes


2021 Platform

Building a thriving and sustainable community

  • Continue to revitalize downtown for great walkability, dining, shopping, and connectors to our neighborhoods.  Drive the Quimby Lane and Audi projects to successful completion.

  • Promote volunteerism, participation, and our homegrown non-profit groups.

  • Prioritize a recreational plan that enriches residents from toddler to senior.  Leverage our open space commitment and funds to ensure a vibrant community with ample active and passive recreation.

  • Support infrastructure for electric vehicles and solar energy to propel energy efficiency and cost savings.

  • Improve infrastructure accessibility for hearing, sight impaired and differently-abled. 

Building an efficient revenue system and operational excellence

  • Pursue grants and other non-tax revenue sources.

  • Ensure wise use of American Rescue funds

  • Implement public-based budgeting, to promote community engagement.

  • Leverage our strategic, project, and process management expertise to save time and money.

Building local outreach that informs and bonds us

  • Expand community-wide messaging with IT, social media and alternative platforms, so it’s easy to know what’s going on and the who-what- where-why-when of community projects, events and resources.

  • Champion business development with easy, streamlined permitting processes.

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